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Changing the world at some of the best companies in the world.

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We've been there, and are here to make sure you're not alone. Our reviewers come with their insight from some of the best companies in the world. SpaceX, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, are just to name a few. Join the dozens who've reached the companies of their dreams.

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We've been helping individuals just like you get the jobs and internships of their dreams for over 5 years. We work directly with industry support to make sure our insight is up to date.


Forever and ever

Yeup. Free. 100% free. Always. You'll get quick, and amazing resume feedback for free.But how? We make our money via volunteer match programs, donations, and workships through our parent organization Scholarship Junkies.


Modern design

Need an aesthetic update? We have a plethora of beautifully crafted resume templates to help give you a competitive edge. We specialize in beautiful Google Docs and InDesign templates that'll make your eyes water.

How much is it really?


Easily editable, we build these for collaborative iterations, and flexibility.

$ 7

  • Custom Google Doc templates
  • All Gdoc released content (5-10)
  • Everything from the Core tier
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Insight driven by industry experts.

$ 0

  • High quality resume critiques
  • Potential suggestions for internship/full-time opportunities
  • Access to Discord chat
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Pixel perfect and high quality. We've crafted these with standing out in mind.

$ 10

  • Slides/ InDesign/Illustrator
  • All champion season one templates (10)
  • Everything from the Core tier
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Why is this free?

We believe in a world where access to education is equitable, high quality, and well, accessible. We've developed these skills through trial and error and support of amazing mentors along the way. We truly believe the best way to get the most people impacting the world for good is to help them get there.

How do you match students?

We look at what things you're applying to: full-time jobs, internships, research positions, grad schools, fellowship opportunities. We then compare the background and skills of our volunteers to see who has overlapping experience/insight. To ensure the highest quality every resume gets at least two sets of eyes! We'll comment on everything from formatting to the relative impact of your descriptions, and even visual appeal.

How many times can I submit?

Theoretically as many times as you want, but realistically as many times as you need. We're going to give you bottom up, in-depth critiques and suggestions tailored to the areas you're applying for (internships/full-time/research/grad school). We expect a few revisions, but if you need 1,000 we'll give you your money back.

Can I pay y'all or Donate?

Oh, yes, of course. We're a 501(c)(3) organization and you can make a tax-deductible donation via this handy-dandy link. You can also buy one of our resume templates. Maybe you want the recruiting process to be easier/better and want to help our efforts? Send us an email: resumes@scholarshipjunkies.org :) <3

Tell me more about Scholarship Junkies!

Scholarship Junkies was founded to make college free for anyone in need. Built on the premise that each of us can be a part of making long-lasting change. Scholarship Junkies provides in-depth free feedback, editing, and revisions to help anyone win scholarships and go to college without worrying about debt. We took the same principles, and approach and created MTE (More Technical Experience). Free, high quality, insight to help you capture your dreams.

How can I volunteer?

YAY! Click me because I'm awesome and I'm going to take you to a form. We'll follow up with you within 24hrs. :)